About Us

OptiTech is an Australian owned company focusing on energy efficient lighting sales and service with Head Offices based in Sydney and Melbourne. We provides both face-to-face and online energy efficient lighting product and service solutions to our valued customers across Australia and beyond.

With over 35 years of international experience the team at OptiTech is at the forefront of design, development, manufacturing, procurement and national sales on a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial lighting products. We have the right products for your energy efficient lighting needs from LED Tubes and Luminaires to High Efficiency Fluorescent Light Fittings.

We offer our customers a wide range of competitively priced lights and light fittings from quality endorsed lighting manufacturers both in Australia and around the world.

We leverage our suppliers’ domestic and international volumes to ensure the best possible pricing for our customers. As OptiTech deals directly with suppliers, we ensure that there is no unnecessary middle-man margins incorporated in our prices. This lead us to provide our customers with maximum result of premium energy efficient lighting products that don’t cost the earth.

Our product ranges are registered across the NSW, VIC and SA Energy Efficiency programs to ensure our customers can access eligible rebates across these schemes.



Our Products

OptiTech has a number of products approved under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme including:

  • Shoplights
  • Downlights
  • Emergency lighting
  • Panel lights
  • IP65 fittings

OptiTech is constantly working towards getting the newest lighting technologies approved for use in energy saving projects.

Click to search the VEET database or the ESS database for both pending and approved lighting products.

Our Services

Lighting Design

Maintenance & Support

Luminaire technology development

Consultation & project management

Technical lighting advice & specifications

Monitor & reporting tools for lighting and energy use