OptiTech started with our desire to fix two major energy problems; the constantly growing cost of electricity use and the environmental impact that electricity use is having on our planet.

LED lighting can greatly help these two issues. They provide better lighting, last significantly longer, consume less power and cost less. Australian businesses and homes that we have helped upgrade to LED lights have significantly reduce their electricity bills while minimising their environmental footprint.

Today, with over 35 years of international experience, our team at OptiTech are at the forefront of design, development, manufacturing, procurement and national sales on a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial lighting products. We provide Turnkey Solutions that allow us to pass on even further savings to our valuable clients, and we are helping minimise the damage to the environment in the process.

What we offer, and who we offer it to

We are providers of a wide range of competitively priced LED lights and LED light fittings in Australia. At OptiTech, we have the right products for your energy efficient lighting needs – whether you need them for residential, commercial, industrial or civil purposes.

We cut out the middle-men, eliminate unnecessary margins, and make sure that we deliver the best possible pricing to our customers. Dealing directly with our clients and customers means that we get to make sure that you receive the best products for the best price. This is why at OptiTech we really do have energy efficient, cost effective LED lighting products that really don’t cost the world.

To further add financial benefit to our customers, our product ranges are registered across the NSW, VIC, QLD and SA Energy Efficiency programs to ensure our customers can access eligible rebates across these schemes.

OptiTech is certified for

OptiTech is ISO Certified. Best quality LED Lighting products.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification

ISO 9001 is a quality standard recognised all over the world. It is aimed at improving customer satisfaction levels.

The standard defines a proper set of procedures that determine whether all customer requirements are being met. Also, referred to as quality assurance the ISO 9001 standard is achieved by modifying and controlling business processes which directly affect the quality of the offered products and services.

Find out more about ISO 9001 here.

OptiTech is ISO Certified. Best quality LED Lighting products.

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001 standard)

ISO 14001 standard provides an excellent framework for assisting organisations to manage environmental risks and to become environmentally friendly by developing and implementing an Environmental Management Systems.

Environmental sustainability is an enormous challenge for organisations of today. The legal structures have become complex and onerous. Organisations can operate efficiently only when they proactively manage the environmental impacts with their business processes.

OptiTech has been certified for ISO 14001 standard and take our environmental impact very seriously.

You can learn more about ISO 14001 here.

OptiTech is ISO Certified. Best quality LED Lighting products.

ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety

The ISO 45001 is an occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS) which has been designed to help businesses develop health and safety objectives and implement practices. The system provides a structured and methodical approach for identifying risks and then eliminating them.

The standard is compatible with EMS and other international management systems.

OptiTech has been certified for ISO 45001 standard and take our workers’ safety at utmost importance.

You can learn more about ISO 45001 here.

OptiTech - energy efficient lighting sales and service company

Services We Offer

Lighting Design

We help our clients with the ideal design to suit their requirements while taking limitations, strictures and confines into account.

Maintenance & Support

Our clients can always rest assured knowing that we are with them every step of the way providing support with our products and maintenance for upkeep.

Luminaire Technology Development

OptiTech’s global team and partnerships put us at the forefront of constantly evolving luminaire technology development.

Consultation & Project Management

With over 35 years experience in this industry we are well equipped to provide consultation and project management services to our valued clients.

Technical Lighting Advice & Specifications

Our clients always benefit from our vast experience when offering advice and helping navigate complex specifications.

Monitor & reporting tools for lighting and energy use

Our clients can monitor their usage to help identify areas of improvement to maximise savings with our monitoring and reporting tools.