LED Lighting solutions for civil use

Lighting in an outdoor, civil setting, whether it be a street, outdoor parking lot, park or playground etc. is extremely important. In all such cases there has to be abundant, and proper, lighting which will create a well lit and safe environment. Abundant and correct lighting used in areas such as work yards, parking lots and building facades is very important as it is a major contributor to security and safety of the areas.

Traditionally, large outdoors areas are lit by large metal halide or mercury vapour lights. These are instantly recognisable from the dome reflectors that encase the light bulb. The cost of running these lights is immense not to mention the unwanted addition of heat as these type of lights run very hot.

OptiTech have specific premium LED lighting products that we use for external spaces that ensure that the brightness levels are up to scratch, visibility is improved and electricity costs are greatly reduced.

How can LED Lighting help industrial spaces?

  • LED lighting creates a well lit and safe environment.
  • Upgrading to LED lights greatly reduces warehouse electricity costs.
  • LEDs have a minimal impact to day-to-day functions during the installation process.
  • LED lighting dramatically reduces heat omissions which makes them not only great for your electricity bills but also great for the environment since they have MUCH lower carbon emissions.

Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions for outdoors and civil Spaces.

LED lights greatly improve the look of any outdoors space. If you would like to see how our products and LED lighting solutions can help you implement LED lighting at your business, contact us now!

LED flood lights, high bays, low bays, emergency and street lights are super efficient, have a higher quality of light, and have a significantly longer lifespan than older, traditional industrial lighting. These attributes make them the perfect upgrade for your business.

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