AERO Series – Air Return Panel

Cutting edge, convectional and energy efficient.

The OptiTech AERO series LED panels are a great way to modernise your office, classroom, store or any other indoor space in place of traditional fluorescent ceiling lights. It is also a great way to save on electricity costs! The OptiTech AERO LED panel lights are low-maintenance, distribute a brighter lighting environment and have a very long life span (50,000 hours!).

Our LED panel lights have a sealed design and very high quality reflective panels, this creates superb brightness, and the aluminium frame help provide even better luminance.

Besides the very long life span and considerable cost savings, LED panel lights are also environmentally friendly – they have a low consumption rate and cause minimal pollution, and they contain no Mercury.

The OptiTech AERO panels are mostly used in offices, universities, schools, hospitals and any other spaces that are used for reading, writing, training, meetings and/or computer-based work.

See how our OptiTech AERO LED panel lights can help your business save money! Get in touch with us today.


– Air handling using ceiling space negative pressure
– Retrofit into standard ceiling grids
– Up to 80% more efficient than equivalent traditional luminaires
– High efficiency: >160lm
– Low glare;  UGR < 19
– >50,000 hours LED life

NOTE: All large quantity orders require verification process, care must be taken as frames are custom made to order and there are no standard sizes.


– Longer operating life
– Reduced energy and maintenance costs
– Reduced cooling cost and short term ROI



– Quick and easy installation
– Reliable technology
– Safe and compliant for use in Australia & New Zealand

* Single Narrow Width Panel: 1,195mm x 200mm (4ft.)
** Single Panel: 1,195mm x 295mm (4ft.  x 1ft.)

OptiTech's LED Air Return LED Panel Light
OptiTech's LED Panel Light - AERO series

Additional information

Nominal Power

20W, 25W, 30W

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor

> 0.95

Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Beam Angle


Temperature Range

-20ºC – +50ºC

Operating Humidity

< 95%

Colour Rendering


Operating Life

50,000 hrs


OptiTech AERO Series Brochure

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