COB Series – UGR<19, Tri-Colour COB Downlight

Ultra low glare, bright and energy efficient.

LED down lights are found everywhere! In homes, schools, offices and retail stores, and so many more applications.

Traditional downlights are usually sporting a 50 Watt halogen light bulb, these lights are notorious for consuming a lot of electricity and this is partly due to the fact that you need a lot of them to get the right lighting effect.
Our Ultra low-glare LED Circular COB Downlight replaces traditional downlights with an LED downlight that includes a transformer. This ensures that there are no compatibility issues with existing transformers.

The technology in LED downlights has come a long way, even in the last couple of years. The LED downlights of today look fantastic and can save a substantial amount of electricity and associated costs.

Get in touch with us today and see how you can start saving all that money with our LED lighting solutions.


SKULumenNominal PowerSize (mm)Cut-out (mm)CCT Options
OPT-COB-4-8W8008W⌀100 x 70H⌀90CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-5-12W120012W⌀140 x 85H⌀125CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-5-15W150015W⌀140 x 85H⌀125CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-6-15W150015W⌀185 x 105H⌀175CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-6-20W200020W⌀185 x 105H⌀175CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-8-15W150015W⌀225 x 110H⌀210CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-8-25W250025W⌀225 x 110H⌀210CCT Switchable 3/4/5K
OPT-COB-8-35W350035W⌀225 x 110H⌀210CCT Switchable 3/4/5K


⦁ High efficiency Tri-colour COB chip
⦁ Ultra low glare UGR <19
⦁ Wide choice of power 10W. 15W, 20W and 30W
⦁ Light weight die cast aluminium construction
⦁ Faceted reflector with high transmittance diffuser


⦁ Soft ultra low-glare yet bright light
⦁ High CRI for shopping, food and hospitality and general retail spaces
⦁ Years of maintenance-free operation
⦁ Energy efficiency gains right from start


⦁ Minimise installation time
⦁ Versatile application and size choice –
90mm/165mm/200mm cut-out
⦁ Minimal maintenance downtime
⦁ Deliver reduced project cost benefits to customer

Additional information

CCT Options

CCT Switchable 3/4/5K

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Luminous Efficacy


Temperature Range

-20ºC – 50ºC

Operating Humidity


Ingress Protection


Operating Life

>54,000 hrs




OptiTech COB Series Brochure

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