High Intensity Flood Light – RINK Series

Slim, Efficient, Built-to-last.

LED Flood Lights are used in a multitude of situations from work yards to parking areas and building facades, flood lights provide security and safety for your business.

The OptiTech RINK LED flood lights are substantially more reliable than traditional outdoor lighting options. LED flood lights from OptiTech are a cost-saving, environmentally friendly solution to lighting up outdoor areas for commercial or business purposes such as sports, recreation, public amenity, gardens, or home living spaces. Their low energy consumption will mean a substantial reduction in electricity bills, and their lower energy consumption means less fossil fuels used which makes them a much better choice for the environmentally conscious.

The OptiTech RINK LED flood light is low on maintenance and replacement costs, high on safety and produces a bright light which is similar to daylight and is unaffected by weather and temperature changes. They are also free from mercury, lead and carbon emissions.

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SKULumenNominal PowerLCP (W)Size (mm)WeightCCT Options
OPT-FL3-50W700050W49.70310 x 250 x 481.8 kg4000K (40K) | 5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-FL3-75W10,60075W73.70355 x 275 x 504.3 kg4000K (40K) | 5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-FL3-95W13,40095W93.10402 x 325 x 544.5 kg4000K (40K) | 5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-FL3-125W17,500125W125.5430 x 360 x 545.5 kg4000K (40K) | 5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-FL3-150W21,300150W149.2470 x 390 x 547 kg4000K (40K) | 5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-FL3-200W28,900150W200.4470 x 390 x 547 kg4000K (40K) | 5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)


– High efficacy CREE LED with Meanwell Driver
– Innovative G-Buckle Clip technology for elegant looking, screws-free waterproof glass retention
– High thermal quality aluminium alloy heat sink
– 270° adjustable tilt
– Highly durable construction with IP65 protection
– Tempered Glass cover


– Cost efficient area lighting with excellent ROI
– Symmetric uniform wide beam light spread
– Lowest operational and maintenance costs
– Robust durable construction to last longer



– Quick installation with angled mounting bracket
– Rigid mounting with three fixing holes
– Extended 600mm 3-core leads flexible for easy wiring
– Maintenance free operation
– Adjustable bracket for objective focus point

Flood Lights, RINK Series, by OptiTech
Flood Lights, RINK Series, by OptiTech
Flood Lights, RINK Series, by OptiTech

Additional information

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Temperature Range

-30ºC – 55º

Operating Humidity


Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life


Impact Strength





OptiTech RINK Series Brochure

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