Emergency IP20 LED Batten – GALACTIC SMB3 Emergency Series

Light, efficient and elegant.

The GALACTIC SMB3 EM LED Batten range offers LED lights that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, maintenance free and durable when compared to the more traditional fluorescent lighting. LED batten lights have the added benefit of generating uniform lighting and their low energy consumption means more saving on your electricity bills.

The OptiTech GALACTIC SMB3 EM LED battens are of higher durability and superior performance over fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lights, due to the fact that they produce a constant light, have a higher light output, consume significantly less energy, do not use Mercury, produce less heat and are environmentally friendly.

These LED lights are best used in schools, offices, hospitals, factories, residential areas and any other ares where traditional fluorescent, incandescent or halogen lighting might be used.

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SKUVersionLumenNominal PowerLCPSize (mm)CCT Options
OPT-SMB3-2FTW-17W-EMStandard212517W16.43630 x 124 x 884000K
OPT-SMB3-2FTW-17W-EMMSSensor212517W17.22630 x 124 x 884000K
OPT-SMB3-4FTW-17W-EMStandard212517W17.691230 x 124 x 884000K
OPT-SMB3-4FTW-17W-EMMSSensor212517W18.931230 x 124 x 884000K
OPT-SMB3-4FTW-34W-EMStandard425034W34.501230 x 124 x 884000K
OPT-SMB3-4FTW-34W-EMMSSensor425034W36.271230 x 124 x 884000K


– High efficiency MAINTAINED emergency light
– High luminous efficacy;  > 120lm/W
– Wide 124mm body to avoid patch and paint.
– Anti-rust formed aluminium alloy construction
– High translucent opal diffuser cover
– Microwave sensor with motion + daylight sensitivity.
– Remote controlled microwave sensor
– Manufactured and tested to AS 2293.3:2005
– Emergency classification – D50 (Co) and D25(C90)
– Emergency power 2.5W for 180 min.


– Durable and strong construction
– No need to repaint ceilings
– Reduced maintenance costs
– Long operating life
– Eligible for Energy Saving Schemes in VIC and NSW



– Quick and easy installation (side & rear cable entry)
– Large terminal block (connector) for through wiring
– Light weight for easy handling & installation
– Easy clip off cover to speed up installation time


On/off control: There are four fixed scene modes programs built in the remote control to choose for different applications.

Detection area: Press the button ‘Detection Range’ to set detection range as 100%/75%/50%/10% (factory preset: 50%)

Hold-time: Press the button “hold time” to set hold time as 5sec./30sec./1min./3min./5min./10min./20min./30min. (Factory preset: 5min.)

Daylight threshold: Press the button ‘daylight sensor’ to set daylight threshold a 2Lux/10Lux/30Lux/50Lux/80Lux/120Lux/disable. (Factory preset: disabled).

Stand-by period: Press the button ‘stand-by period’ to set stand-by period as 0sec./10sec./30sec./1min./5min./10min./30min./+ ∞
Note: ‘ 0sec.’ means on/off control; ‘+ ∞’ means bi-level dimming control. (Factory preset: 5min.)

Stand-by dimming level: Press the button ‘stand-by dimming level’ to set the stand-by dimming level as 10%/20%/30%/50%. (Factory preset: 10%).


Typical light distribution diagram for a 17W model

Powered by
Driven by
Controlled by


Input: AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz, 0.06A

Output: 4W max, DC 10-42V, 50mA

Battery: LiFePO4 6.4V 2S1P 9.6Wh 1.5Ah Ta:50°C, Tc 70°C

This LED Lighting Solution is eligible for the following Government schemes;

Additional information

CCT Options


Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Temperature Range

-10ºC – +50ºC

Operating Humidity

< 95%

Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life

60,000 hrs


Only SENSOR models are dimmable


OptiTech GALACTIC Series Brochure

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