LED Sensor High Bay – UFO Style (ASTRAL Series)

Innovative design, Cutting Edge Technology, Smart MW Sensor & Energy Efficient.

Highbay lighting is used to illuminate large areas such as large warehouses, manufacturing plants, outlet stores and sports stadiums. Due to the vertical and horizontal space that is taken up in such facilities, this space needs a powerful lighting solution in order to provide the appropriate levels of illumination. Traditional high bay lamps use a lot of electricity and create a lot of heat, which also makes them a fire hazard.

Industrial LED High Bay Lighting vs Metal Halide lights; Traditional halide highbay lights take up to 15-20 minutes to reach optimum lighting, and although they can be 3-5 times more efficient than incandescent bulb lighting, they become less so, when running at anything but full power. As a result, much of the initial energy they produce is wasted. In addition, most traditional forms of high bay lighting are omnidirectional (they output light in a 360-degree nature) and some of the light is wasted as it’s not pointing in the direction that the light is needed

OptiTech LED highbay lighting generates and distributes lighting efficiently and consumes a lot less energy in order to perform the same functional output. This is why LED high bay lighting is superior to traditional lighting in terms of

  • Colour-rendering index – the accuracy of a given light source
  • Correlated colour temperature – the degree of whiteness the lighting gives, and
  • Footcandles – the amount of glow given from a source vs the efficiency of hitting the right surface

Lifespan: OptiTech LED highbays can be expected to last 50,000 -100,000 operating hours!T his is a huge amount when the costs in scaffolding, hydraulic lifts, and catwalks, needed to change bulbs or perform maintenance is taken into consideration. OptiTech LED highbays are low-maintenance which means long-term savings for your bottom line!

Wait no more! Get in touch with us today and see how you can start saving all that money with our LED lighting solutions.


SKUNominal PowerLumenSize (mm)CTT Options
OPT-UFO4-265-80W80W12,400Ø265 x 170 (Dia Ø x H mm)5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-UFO4-320-100W100W15,000Ø 320 x 175 (Dia Ø x H mm)5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-UFO4-320-125W125W18,600Ø 320 x 175 (Dia Ø x H mm)5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)
OPT-UFO4-320-150W150W22,250Ø 320 x 175 (Dia Ø x H mm)5000K (50K) | 6500K (65K)


– High efficacy LED – ~150Lm/W
– Wide choice of power – 80W, 100W, 125W, & 150W
– Remote controlled motion & daylight microwave sensor
– Low mass die-cast aluminium alloy body
– Rapid dissipation heat-sink
– PMMA diffuser cover
– 3-meter Flex and Plug pre-wired
– Aluminium or polycarbonate reflector to suit
– Eyelet for suspended install or brackets for surface mount


– Wide spread bright yet log glare lighting with long life
– Improved aesthetics and light distribution with reflector
– Significant reduction in energy consumption
– No replacement lamp or maintenance costs
– Sensor adjustment with remote from ground level



– Quick and easy installation with flex & plug pre-wired
– Light Weight for easy handling and installation
– Versatile installation options – suspended or surface mount
– Avail even further ESS incentive benefits with smart controls

OptiTech's LED High Bay - ASTRAL series


  • Remote control microwave motion sensor
  • Motion and Daylight detection
  • 1-10V DC
  • Input: 12VDC
  • Operating voltage:10-15VDC
  • Operating current:30mA±5%
  • Standby power:<0.5W
  • Adjustments (using remote)
    • Detection area (%): 25 / 50 / 75 / 100
    • Hold-time:5 sec to 30 min
    • Daylight threshold:2 to 120 Lux or Disable
    • Stand-by period:0sec to 30min to ∞
    • Stand-by dimming level:10% / 20% / 30% / 50%
  • Microwave frequency:5.8GHz±75MHz
  • Microwave power:<0.3mW
  • Mounting height up to 15m
  • Detection rang Ø12m x 15m (H)
  • Detection angle:30°-150°

Additional information

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Beam Angle


Temperature Range

-40ºC – 60º

Operating Humidity

< 95%

Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life

50,000 hrs




OptiTech ASTRAL Series Brochure


Polished Aluminium Reflector 

Aluminium refelctor for the ASTRAL series LED high bays

Metal Bracket

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