Surface Mount Circular Downlight – SMC Series

Robust, compact and efficient.

This OptiTech LED downlight is highly efficient, environmentally friendly and a great source of light for any situation. With an energy consumption of around 85% less than traditional halogen lights, upgrading to our LED downlights will help you save up to 30% on your energy consumption. Our SMC series LED downlight is long lasting (up to 54,000 hours) and is low-maintenance.

Save money, save the environment, save on maintenance costs, whether you use them at home or for your business.

The SMC LED downlights offer a sleek, stylish design that fits neatly and appears as though it is part of your ceiling, and they also offer instant brightness – so you don’t have to wait for them to warm up.

They come in a wide choice of power options, feature a die cast aluminium body and are elegant and stylish in appearance.


Our LED lights are cost efficient, save money and look great! 
Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you save money.


SKULumenNominal PowerSize (mm)Weight (kg)CCT Options
OPT-SMC-6-12W130012WØ 165 x 1100.603,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-6-15W158015WØ 165 x 1100.603,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-6-20W210020WØ 165 x 1100.603,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-6-24W250024WØ 165 x 1100.603,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-8-15W158015WØ 200 x 1300.853,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-8-20W210020WØ 200 x 1300.853,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-8-24W250024WØ 200 x 1300.853,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-8-30W320030WØ 200 x 1300.853,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K
OPT-SMC-8-36W380036WØ 200 x 1300.853,000K | 4,000K | 5,000K


  • Efficient LED light source driven by reliable durable driver
  • IP44 weather protection
  • Wide beam light distribution
  • Rated average operating life >54,000 hours
  • Wattage options – 12W through to 36W


  • Cost effective long lasting light source
  • Elegant and stylish appearance
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Minimal maintenance cost
  • Eligible energy saving incentives


  • Lowest installation time
  • Maintenance free operation over long life span
  • Deliver value for investment to Customer

Additional information

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Beam Angle


Temperature Range

-20ºC – +50ºC

Operating Humidity


Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life

54,000 hrs


OptiTech SMC Series Brochure

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