LED Street Light – ORBIT-II Series

Power-packed, Sleek and self-cleaning design

The ORBIT-2 series streetlight are latest addition to wide range of OptiTech energy efficient commercial outdoor range.

Sturdy IK09 rated housing in die-cast aluminium fitted with a precision optical lens made of UV resistant material for high light transmittance . The rear lamp coves has a buckle clamp design to facilitate quick and easy toll-free maintenance, if ever that becomes necessary.  The lamp’s heat dissipation is excellent thanks to tensile aluminium body, preventing overheating. The ORBIT-2 LED street lights are designed to keep debris out with a specially designed smooth dust cover.

LED street lights are ideal replacements for traditional lighting for roads, streets and also for site lighting like outdoor parking lots, playgrounds, parks, sports areas etc. LED street lights are low in energy consumption, have a long and predictable life span of >54,000 hours – which is 2-4 times longer than that of traditional street lights. This longer life span means that the street lights require less frequent servicing, which means a reduction in maintenance costs.

LED street lights have a more uniform colour rendering, aiding in road/passage safety, and are quick to turn on and restart – this means that they are not wasting large amounts of energy just on the process of heating up to a specific temperature, as do traditional street lights. This also means that they are much quicker to turn back on in cases of black-outs.


SKULumenNominal PowerSize (mm)Weight (kg.)
OPT-ORB2-60W7,80060W527 x 200 x 1164.2
OPT-ORB2-100W13,100100W620 x 235 x 1255.0
OPT-ORB2-150W20,000150W690 x 260 x 1306.2
OPT-ORB2-200W28,800200W810 x 320 x 1359.5


– Meanwell Driver
– Outstanding ‘self-cleaning’ design
– Adjustable pole bracket
– Tool-free maintenance
– Over 54,000 hours rated life at L70
– IP66 Ingress Protection
– IK09 Impact Strength
– Ribbon-free housing technology
– Type II / III / IV / V – area lighting distribution


– Bright lighting with uniform spread
– Long maintenance-free operating life
– Improved aesthetics
– No lamp replacement or routine maintenance costs (self-cleaning design)



– Reduced installation time
– Tool-free maintenance
– Versatile design on standard pole sizes (56-70mm)
– Adaptable to intelligent lighting controls
– 10KV surge protection
– Demonstrated compliance through design

LED Streetlight - ORBIT series, from OptiTech


• Hot-color targeting ensures that color is within ANSI bin at typical application conditions, 85°C
• Step 2 MacAdam ellipse custom binning


• Dual mode – Constant Voltage and Constant Current output
• Metal housing design with functional Ground
⦁ Built-in active PFC function
• Class 2 power unit
• No load / Standby power consumption <0.5W
• IP65 protection for outdoor installations
• Adjustable output via potentiometer Typical lifetime >50,000 hours with 5 years warranty


• Assymmetric or Symmetric beam – 30°/60°/90°/120°/150° X80°
• Distribution – Type II, Type III, Type IV, Type V
• Pole mounting (56 to 70 mm dia)
• 3-in-1 Dimming with B Type driver : 0~10VDC, 10V PWM signal and resistance
• DALI control with DA type driver
• Smart timer programmable dimming with D2 type driver

Additional information

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Temperature Range

-20ºC – +50ºC

Operating Humidity


Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life


Impact Strength



OptiTech ORBIT-2 Series Brochure

OPT-ORB2-100W IES File

OPT-ORB2-150W IES File

OPT-ORB2-200W IES File

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