LED Solar Street Light – TREK AIO Series

Environmentally – friendly, durable, solar.

This LED Solar Streetlight from OptiTech offers an environmentally conscious solution to outdoor, street lighting. Our LED Solar street lights have been engineered with simplicity and durability in mind. They do not require an electrician for installation as there are no electrical cabling or switching installations required – which makes for a quick and easy installation of our product.

The TREK AIO Series street light does not require replacement lights or any maintenance costs, and provides a bright and efficient light, which is sourced from the free and renewable solar energy.

The intelligent auto-dimming function will ensure the ideal balance required to maintain lighting levels and battery life – and will last up to three full nights when fully charged.

The TREK AIO LED Solar Street Lights are the ideal lighting solution for;

  • Street Lighting
  • Carparks
  • Large pathways / walkways
  • Parks / trails / tracks
  • Playgrounds / outdoor exercise areas
  • Marinas
  • Remote areas / Outback / Locations where traditional lighting is too costly or impractical to install.

Save money on your energy today and see how the OptiTech LED solar TREK AIO series can save you by getting in touch with us.


SKULumenSize (mm)Battery SpecificationSolar PanelPrescribed Height
OPT-TREK1-40W6,000711 x 386 x 24322AH, 11.1V/244.2Wh32 Wp3-5m
OPT-TREK1-80W12,0001178 x 386 x 24332AH, 14.8V/473.6Wh55 Wp5-8m
OPT-TREK1-120W18,00001616 x 386 x 24348AH, 14.8V/710.4Wh82 Wp5-8m


– Strong and durable construction; Aluminium alloy body with ABS cover , PC diffuser.
– Mono-crystalline Silicon solar panel.
– High efficacy ~150Lm/W SMD5050 LEDs.
– 11.1V/14.8V- Lithium-Ion battery.
– 36 Hours (3 nighs) minimum discharge time on battery when fully charged.
– IP65 weather protection.
– Dusk to dawn +Time control(5hrs at full
brightness + 25% Dim Light =1 2hrs/Night)
– 150°/15m high range detection motion
sensor controlled by Remote
– Up to 8m install height with 10-20m spacing
– 340°x48° Type III distribution (Optional
variations on demand)
– Wide working ambient temp range (-15°C
to +55°C)
– Adjustable tilting mounting bracket


– 3 nights minimum battery life when fully charged – dusk to dawn, @ 12 hours per night.
– Intelligent auto dimming functions ensuring ideal balance between light levels and battery life.
– One-touch remote control settings; time and dimming level that is right to the application.
– Bright and efficient lighting harnessed from truly renewable source; solar.
– No replacement lamps or maintenance costs.


– Quick and easy installation.
– Suitable for various pole sizes and angles via adjustable mounting bracket.
– Adaptable with intelligent sensor controls.
– No electrical cabling or switching installations required.
– Long battery life and easily replaceable battery pack.

LED Solar streetlights from OptiTech.

Remote Settings

LED Solar streetlights from OptiTech.
LED Solar streetlights from OptiTech.


Additional information

Warranty (Years)

3 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Temperature Range

-15ºC – +50º

Operating Humidity


Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life

>50,000 hrs

Charging Time

8 hrs


OptiTech TREK AIO Series Brochure

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