LED Street Light – ORBIT Series

Modular, efficient, elegant and a fully customisable design to suit any specification.

Our OptiTech LED Street Lights are one of the latest ways in which we are providing energy efficient, cost reducing lighting solutions.

The ORBIT series’ lamp covers are a buckle design in to facilitate in quick and easy replacement and maintenance. Our optical lens is made of anti UV materials, with high light transmittance and secondary light dissipation technology. The lamp’s heat dissipation radiators use tensile aluminium which makes for even heat distribution, preventing from overheating. The ORBIT LED street lights are designed to keep debris out and adopt a modular design for the dust cover and modules to make for easy maintenance, repair and customisation.

LED street lights are ideal replacements for traditional lighting for roads, streets and also for site lighting like outdoor parking lots, playgrounds, parks, sports areas etc. LED street lights are low in energy consumption, have a long and predictable life span of 60,000 hours – which is 2-4 times longer than that of traditional street lights. This longer life span means that the street lights require less frequent servicing, which means a reduction in maintenance costs.

LED street lights have a more accurate colour rendering, aiding in road safety, and are quick to turn on and restart – this means that they are not wasting large amounts of energy just on the process of heating up to a specific temperature, as do traditional street lights. This also means that they are much quicker to turn back on in cases of black-outs.


SKUNominal PowerRated Luminous Flux at 5500°KSize (mm)
OPT-BPSL-110W110W11,000lm500 (l) | 123 (w) | 314 (h)
OPT-BPSL-125W125W12,500lm500 (l) | 123 (w) | 314 (h)
OPT-BPSL-155W155W15,500lm600 (l) | 123 (w) | 314 (h)
OPT-BPSL-175W175W17,500lm700 (l) | 123 (w) | 314 (h)


– Philips Lumiled/Luxeon LED package >100Lm/W
– Meanwell Driver with >62,000 hours lifetime
– Die-cast aluminium alloy body
– Rapid dissipation anodised aluminium heat-sink
– High transmittance optic lens
– Suitable to Ø40-Ø60mm pole
– Thermal conductivity of PCB board >2.0


– Wide spread bright yet log glare lighting with long life
– Improved aesthetics and controlled light distribution
– Significant reduction in energy consumption
– No replacement lamp or maintenance costs



– Quick and easy installation
– Versatile installation options on 40-60mm poles
– Adaptable to Intelligent Controls
– 6KV/10KV surge protection
– Avail even further ESS incentive benefits
– Suitable modular design for various pole heights

Additional information

Warranty (Years)

5 Years

Power Factor


Colour Tempearature


Luminous Efficacy


Temperature Range

-40ºC – 90º

Operating Humidity


Ingress Protection


Colour Rendering


Operating Life


Impact Strength





OptiTech ORBIT Series Brochure

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